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Demo Reel

Video Game Soundtracks

Plasticity (2019)

Free to play on Steam:


Synopsis: Plasticity is a cinematic platformer about a young girl named Noa, who explores and decides the future of her post-oil, plastic-ridden world. Players will make choices that either help or harm the environment, and see how the decisions they make shape their journey and alter the future.

Aimee Zhang, Game Director
Timothee Lim, Lead Producer
Michelle Olson, Lead Designer






A narration-driven aquatic romp that began development as part of the 2017-2018 Advanced Game Project course at USC.


Synopsis: Punch your way to freedom as Merlin the mantis shrimp, recruited by a hapless aquarium staff member desperate to stop the rampage of another rogue shrimp.




Struggle (2016)


A short exploration/puzzle game created in an Advanced Game Development Course at USC.


Synopsis: A thunderstorm is terrifying your human friend. She enlists you, her tiny carpet dwelling protector, to bring light to her.



Film Soundtracks

Asah and Raeq

directed by Noniko Hsu

(2015, 17'00")

Imagine Someone New

directed by J. D Biskner

(2013, 12'00")


directed by James Hunt

(2015, 8'00")

November 31st

directed by James Hunt

(2013, 16'00")

Rite of Passage

directed by Kevin Bauer

(2014, 3'00")


Asah and Raeq - directed by Noniko Hsu, 2015