composer Natalie Moller invites listeners on a musical journey inspired by prose, art, and nature. Her passion for collaboration sparks her exploration into the intersections of music, theatre, dance, video games, and film.  Most recently, these media-bridging endeavors have manifested as five short film scores, a collective work for musicians and dancers, an hour-long musical drama, and an online collaboration called Triptych with an artist and a writer.


Her music has been performed internationally and by artists such as the University of Michigan Chamber Choir, the Donald Sinta Quartet, and the University of Redlands Wind Ensemble.  She is a recent recipient of the Brehm Prize in Choral Composition and the Donald Sinta Quartet National Composition Competition.


Natalie received her Master of Music in Composition from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the University of Redlands.  Her principal teachers included Kristin Kuster and Anthony Suter.  She currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area in California, and her scores are available from Fama Nova Publishing.

Bio photo by Todd Montemayor. Lepidoptera artwork by Tanner Porter.

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