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Demo Reel

Video Game Soundtracks

Struggle (2016)


A short exploration/puzzle game created in an Advanced Game Development Course at USC.


Synopsis: A thunderstorm is terrifying your human friend. She enlists you, her tiny carpet dwelling protector, to bring light to her.



Friendshrimp (In Development)


A narration-driven aquatic romp that began development as part of the 2017-2018 Advanced Game Project course at USC.


Synopsis: Punch your way to freedom as Merlin the mantis shrimp, recruited by a hapless aquarium staff member desperate to stop the rampage of another rogue shrimp.




Film Soundtracks

Asah and Raeq

directed by Noniko Hsu

(2015, 17'00")

Imagine Someone New

directed by J. D Biskner

(2013, 12'00")


directed by James Hunt

(2015, 8'00")

November 31st

directed by James Hunt

(2013, 16'00")

Rite of Passage

directed by Kevin Bauer

(2014, 3'00")


Asah and Raeq - directed by Noniko Hsu, 2015